For Individuals and Employees – Exevia saves you time

Your phone is no longer just for making and taking calls. It’s a Smartphone. It’s your time-saving personal assistant. You use it for keeping in touch, banking, shopping and it’s a hub for all your clever apps.

Exevia is one of those clever apps. Exevia uses the technology in your Smartphone to make the job of recording and submitting your mileage expenses simple, quick and accurate.

It’s this easy;

At the start of a journey select START on Exevia

At the end of the journey select END on Exevia

Your journey is captured and uploaded to the Exevia cloud and your mileage expenses are recorded ready for submission – simple.

If you miss a journey on Exevia you can add it manually using your Exevia web interface.

The Exevia web interface also enables you to;

      • Download reports of your journeys
      • Add a vehicle to your account
      • Set your Home to Base mileage
      • Set reminders for MOT, Insurance, Tax and Driving Licence Renewal

Exevia removes the risk

None of us like unwelcome surprises, especially when it comes to our tax liability. So rest assured that by using Exevia your mileage expenses claims will be accurate and you’ll have a full audit trail to ensure no nasty surprises from HMRC.

Exevia saves you time

No more scribbling your mileage in a notebook or estimating distances with online mapping software to get your expenses in before the end of month.

Mileage Allowance Relief

Exevia records employee mileage at the correct mileage rate for expenses.

If this rate is less than the HMRC allowed rate the employee may use the difference to offset their tax payable for the period.

Example: John travels 10000 miles per annum on company business. The company pays him £0.25 pence per mile = £2500 per annum.

HMRC allowed rate is £0.45 pence per mile – £4500 per annum.

John is entitled to offset his tax payable by £4500-£2500 = £2000

To claim Mileage Allowance Relief you will need to complete HMRC form P87 available here.

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