A Company with 100 drivers could save £96,000 per annum using Exevia. Here’s how …

  • Removes inaccurate and overestimated mileage claims

  • Enables potential additional VAT reclaim

  • Reduces Administration time for Drivers, Managers, Payroll and Accounts

  • Ensures HMRC compliance and audit ready

  • Ensures HMRC Mileage Allowance Relief for Employees

  • Ensures accurate CO2 figures for carbon reporting

Exevia enables the driver to easily record their journey using GPS on their Smartphone with no need for a black box or tracker. 

This accurate data is uploaded to the Exevia cloud where managers can validate and process mileage expense claims and view reports of actual distance travelled, VAT reclaim due and accurate emissions.

Exevia is not just an app, it includes a cloud-based management information system. It is a step change in mileage expenses control.

The Process – Simple

        • Register and Set Up Drivers
        • Drivers download App to smartphone (iPhone or Android)
        • Driver clicks Journey Start and Journey End (Exevia removes Home to Base where appropriate)
        • Reports generated showing journey mileage, expenses due, VAT reclaim, CO2 emissions


Are your employees claiming ‘Home to Base’ mileage in their expenses?

Under HMRC rules in 99% of cases ‘Home to Base’ cannot be claimed unless an employees contract states that their place of work is their home – HMRC Section 337 ITEPA 2003

This could lead to HMRC fines of up to £18000 per driver.

What else do you need to know?


      • Exevia requires a GPS enabled Smartphone or tablet to capture the mileage data. This can be an iPhone or Android phone such as Samsung, Sony or HTC
      • If not all potential users of Exevia have a smartphone, the cost benefit justifies an upgrade
      • There is no charge for setting up your company and drivers
      • We can import/export data from/to your HR or Fleet Management system


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