Without accurate mileage figures and knowing the actual vehicle in which the journey was made, CO2 figures are a guess.

Our research showed that one local authority was overestimating their business mileage emissions by as much as 60%.

Whether driven by customers, procurement, legislation, shareholders, staff or conscience, most businesses and organisations have a requirement to reduce carbon emissions.

In England the Climate Change Act 2008 sets carbon reduction targets of at least 80% below the 1990 baseline by 2050. In Scotland the 2009 Climate Change Act adds a statutory target for reduction of emissions of 42% by 2020.

24% of all UK emissions are from transport, 90% of those from road transport.

The first step to reducing CO2 is to record a current baseline so that progress can be measured.

Many companies and organisations have this baseline, from which they have created carbon reduction targets.


To date the methods for measuring and recording emissions from their business mileage have been a best guess or have used ‘national average’ figures.

Our research shows that as a result of this organisations are over-estimating their business mileage emissions by as much as 60%.

The Exevia management information software and Smartphone application have been developed to provide accurate data and remove these estimated figures that are costing businesses money and making their carbon reduction targets harder to achieve.

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